Wanted - Artist Seeks View of the City (NYC) / by kimcogan

Thank you all who responded to my last posting, I appreciate everyones thoughts and especially those who let me visit. If I haven't scheduled visiting yet, I will be in touch.

Currently, I am busy preparing towards the fall, here is a glimpse into the studio. I have added 2 new images which will be in the show in September to the website.

I am still searching for new materials, and am hoping that you might be able to help. Do you live in NYC? Do you have a breathtaking view of the city, or have access to your rooftop? Ever think to yourself that looks like one of Kim's paintings?

If so, I would love to take a look, I prefer older aged weathered buildings and to view them different times of day. I am preparing to visit NYC next week in hopes to meet new faces and find new subjects.

If you have any recommendations, please email info@kimcogan.com.

Looking Out, 2009
24" X 24"
oil on canvas