Evergreen | Solo Exhibition of New Artworks / by Kim Cogan

Evergreen  36” X 36”  oil on canvas


36” X 36”

oil on canvas


September 7th - 28th, 2019

Opening Reception Saturday September 7th 6 - 9pm

Hashimoto Contemporary

804 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

tel: 415.655.9265



New Works By Kim Cogan

Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco

September 2019

Artist Kim Cogan explores the passage of time, integrating both present and remembered subjects in his latest works on exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.

His awareness of memory and place as emotional triggers continue to be a source of creative exploration and expression. Some paintings are grounded in Cogan’s experience of a particular neighborhood, such as Into the Sunset and Nightcrawler, in which the artist uses color and light to represent the essence of his surroundings. Other paintings are seemingly devoid of explicit markings that identify a precise setting. Destination Unknown uses composition and gradations of color to direct the viewer’s gaze towards an undetermined, yet familiar focal point. In this way, Cogan creates a harmony between memory and realism. 

Paintings like Pay Little are built up over several layers to depict contrasting areas of light. Cogan’s rooftop panoramas skillfully balance painstaking detail with suggestive elements that the eye completes. This slow and dynamic technique evident on the canvas parallels a similar transformation of the city itself—constant and continuously renewing. 

It is perhaps especially meaningful that the pharmacy depicted in Evergreen is one that no longer exists. Through a narrative of vanishing landscapes, Cogan’s work attempts to capture a permanence of change.

To acquire artworks please contact Dasha Matsuura, Gallery Director.
tel: 415.655.9265
email: sf@hashimotocontemporary.com

Better Tomorrow  48” X 84”  oil on canvas

Better Tomorrow

48” X 84”

oil on canvas