Waves / by kimcogan

Wave no.7
16" X 20"
oil on canvas

In between shows, I enjoy taking the freedom and time to explore ideas in paintings and turn to the outside for inspiration. Most recently, waves have been my muse. I have been very captivated by the energy of the ocean, free and wild. How can I capture and convey the hypnotic rhythms of the sea through painting?

It has been very challenging and is a very different approach for me to work with fluid shapes that twist and contort after working with structures for so long, which are angular and rigid. Instead of working with quadrilateral canvases, I have been composing on ovals. It opens the doors for new possibilities and makes me rethink what knowledge and approach I have about composition and technique.

This painting is the 7th wave painting I have worked on and am finally getting some desired results, the previous others have been put to rest. I don't know where this search of subject will lead to, but so far the journey has been refreshing, somewhat like having a cold drink on a hot day.

I've added the process of the painting to my website, last section on the menu.