Cure For Forgetting / by kimcogan

ndm Good news, the painting of my mother-in-law, "Cure for forgetting" will be traveling to the National Portrait Gallery in London for 2nd round of judging for the BP Portrait Award.

The portrait of my mother-in-law was based on a sitting I had started last year. Since she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and is unable to live on her own, we moved her from the Philippines to the U.S. Single mother who raised 5 children, she was a shrewd business woman that provided for her family and gave generously to those in need.  Although we have been faced with many challenges, caring for her comes without hesitation. Many of you who know our situation and have asked how to help out, you could do so by making a donation to an Alzheimer's Association.


Studio, April 2014.

I wasn't happy with the initial painting having run out of  space for the hands, so I planned to do the portrait again on a larger surface. We joke with her and tell her she is being painted just like the Mona Lisa. Being from the Philippines and not accustomed to the chilly weather in San Francisco, we keep her comfortable by keeping the heater on all the time and is why she is depicted wearing a puffy jacket.


Study of  NDM Hands, November 2014.


Work in progress, November - December 2014.


Work in progress, December 2014.


Finished and approved! January 2015.

Actually, I wasn't planning on showing this painting, ever. The painting was done for us alone, and entered on a whim. Win or lose it doesn't change our situation, so to show this painting and walk away with a good experience will be extra special. Needless to say, we are all very excited, thank you everyone for your support!